This amazing Augmented Reality enhanced real book comes to life with sound, music, animation, film and interaction.  Simply scan the pages with the free Zappar app and watch and engage with the digital content – as if it’s become part of the page!  This limited edition book is available to buy now from with FREE UK delivery.

The book is beautifully illustrated throughout and is an adapted traditional Japanese folktale about a young girl and her relationship with her mother.  It explores emotions and self identity.  The book includes fun interactive games and digital content, sound, music and animation.  Great as a gift and a wonderful keepsake.

Print based Augmented Reality is just one of the many ways to use AR, and a fantastic way to update your print based products and make them future proof.  Books are still very much a part of our culture and traditions, storytelling will never be lost – we may notice significant changes in the format with the advent of digital culture, however, there is nothing like a real print book that you can hold in your hands, display on your coffee table or bookshelf and admire in the ‘real world’!

Augmented Reality enhanced books bring you the best of both worlds in a hybrid form.  They enhance the traditional print book and embrace the multiple benefits that digital content brings.