AR for Print – Augmented Reality technology is coming into its own now with more and more businesses and organisations seeing just how powerful and flexible it is.  Whether you are looking for a way to increase user engagement, improve sales and reduce returns, or showcase your work, AR can most likely do it in a way that excites and inspires.

One of the most effective ways of incorporating AR into your business processes, is via AR for Print.  What is this magic and trickery!?  How on earth does it work? Can I get this for my business NOW? These are a handful of the many questions that arise when clients first see the possiblities of incorporating AR into their traditional print materials.  Business cards, banners, flyers and more. It is certainly something magical the first time that you see Print Come to Life with. Sound, music, animation, video and interaction with AR for Print is an experience that you will never forget!

the Fear and Uncertainty of change…

For some time, since the digital age was born, there has been some concern amongst ‘analogue traditionalists’ that print products such as books, greeting cards, magazines, newspapers and so on, would become extinct!  With the advent of digital reading devices such as Kindle, this concern grew to fear.  Many traditional print publishers became anxious then about what the digital technology would mean for their future.  Imagining a future where magazines and newspapers were a thing of the past and our daily news fix was delivered on a hard, shiny digital screen rather than in the physcial and tactile pages of a newspaper or glossy magazine.

This fear and concern has been valid to a point as there has been a reduction in the sales of books and magazines, and other print based media.  However, those companies that embrace the new technologies, rather than seeing them always as a death toll for older technologies such as print, soon come to realise that there is something beautiful and unique in all of them.

The printing press invention didn’t kill handwriting or calligraphy, TV and video didn’t kill radio, and digital media will not destroy our traditional media such as books, greeting cards, magazines and posters.  Nothing is ever destroyed, only changed.  If anything Augmented Reality technology is actually going to drive an increase in Print based media – the beauty of a finely crafted book, where the pages are tactile, the scent of the fresh print, the ability to display a real book as a thing of beauty cannot be replicated digitally.

Enter a new reality…the journey has just begun!

With AR for Print, you can have these unique qualities of print harnessed with the power of digital media.  Paper stays physically beautiful paper but enters a new reality with AR where you can watch video, animations, interact with the real pages, listen to the page narrated with sound, music, and even purchase directly from the page!  The possibilites are endless, the journey has only just begun..!