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We are passionate about Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality and our sole purpose is to bring you the latest news and advancements in what is most certainly the most exciting new media technology of the 21st Century.

Zero Reality looks at the whole spectrum of reality technologies, comparing and contrasting, exploring and innovating.  We have been researching these emerging technologies for almost a decade and have seen the evolution from what was initially passed off as a fad or gimmick to being the cornerstone of every possible industry from marketing and advertising, medical applications, mental health therapies, entertainment and of course gaming and much more.

These new technologies are also going to play a major part in our everyday lives and are already appearing in a multitude of ways from snapchat filters (AR) to multi user virtual reality experiences (VR entertainment).  We have actively experimented and innovated with these technologies as well as reporting on the latest news and exciting new innovations and startups that are fast appearing across the globe.

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Our London Office

Based in the UK capital city, we have all the latest technology at our fingertips!  We review and test hardware, software, and products in all realities.  Whether your interest is Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality or Mixed Reality, we keep you up to date on the very latest of all the New Reality Technologies.

If you would like to feature your own work in our blog and/or site technology pages, please contact us and we shall gladly consider your submission.

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